Legal History of Courts in Ancient India- An Insight into Phenomenon of Access to Justice
Md.Najibur Rahman   Page1

NIPUN Bharat Mission: Development of Foundational Skills for Promoting Meaningful learning
Dr. Dinesh Kumar, Dr. Shivani Saini   Page9

Impact investing: A new approach to solve most precise social and environmental problems in India.
Mr. Avash Kumar Thakur, Dr. Sharmistha Bhattacharjee   Page17

The Gendered Impacts of Neo- Liberal Globalization
Dr Hena Singh, Dr Chandrachur Singh    Page29

Fraud & Forgery in Banks
Prof.(Dr.) Hari Ram Anthala    Page.37

Necessity of the Commercial Courts Act: A Critical Study
Dr. Anjay Kumar    Page54

Mahatma’s economic philosophy
Dr. Swatantra K. Richhariya    Page.67

Globalization and Democracy
Dr. Gopal Prasad    Page72


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