Peasant Mobilisation and Revolt in Awadh (1920-1922) Paperback – 1 January


OR centuries, poor peasants have been bereft of organisational unity. Despite their being in a majority in numerical terms, we see or hear of instances of their unity and protest against their exploitation, oppression and misery in very small parts of history. Every time, the elite classes crush their unity and struggle in the very beginning. This has been the situation from the very beginning and down to this day. In spite of it, we do wish to understand the phenomenon of peasant revolts. We wish to understand how organised and strong this attitude of the elitist society towards the food-giver has been in making history full of injustices. If the idea of justice enshrined in the Constitution is still a chimera, its reason has to be sought in this very phenomenon. Our history has recorded some such instances of peasant revolt whose study again and again may help us understand the fraudulence involved here and seek a correct path for the future struggles. It may tell us which forces encourage the land-grabbing for a song and leave the sugar cane growers at the mercy of the sugar mill magnates.


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