Chauri Chaura Revolt and Freedom Struggle Paperback – 1 January 2021


THE Chauri Chaura revolt is an extraordinary episode of India’s freedom struggle which brought to the fore the revolutionary aspect of peasant revolts in the second stage of the Non-Cooperation Movement and exposed, during the liberation struggle for attainment of Swaraj, the sham that only had twists in it. If the first phase of the Satyagraha was wrapped after stigmatising the workers’ revolt at Bombay, the second phase was withdrawn after tarnishing the image of the Chauri Chaura revolt. The principles of the forces, which have been defaming these revolts in history, have no place for figures like M N Roy, Deshbandhu Chitaranjan Das and Subhash Chandra Bose, down to Bhagat Singh. The umbilical cord of these forces was also connected with the cunningness about grabbing the leadership of the peasantry while being in league with the feudal class. In history, generally, such instances of cunningness have also been a tool of the elite sections to keep a check on the restlessness among the marginalised people and to discourage their attempts at revolt.


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